Fluid Management

The AESSEAL® water management system range connects to the plant water line to feed the mechanical seal with a clean, cool and stable water barrier fluid.

Water management systems (also refered to as seal pots) are self replenishing and pressurising, being able to regulate down the pressure available in the plant water line.

Pressure System


The easy to clean vessel for applications which require a higher level of cleanliness

e.g. Pharmaceutical, food and beverage, paint lines and many more

FLOWTRUE - Ajustable flow meter


Flow Meter

The AESSEAL FLOWTRUE® is a robust and adjustable flow meter that controls the amount of water flowing to the mechanical seal for cooling purposes.

Heat Guard


Protection Against Burns From Hot Systems

Industrial applications are hazardous places for personnel to work especially when hot oil seal support vessels are in use.

ICE GUARD - seal support, freeze protection


Ideal for applications where water is prone to freeze in and around the seal support system.

ICEGUARD continually senses the temperature of the water inside the seal support system. The flow generated prevents the liquid inside the system from freezing.

SEALTECTA - Thermal Relief Valve


Thermal Relief Valve

Designed to minimize the use of water in quench to drain applications.

SW2 & SW3 - Water Management System

SW2 & SW3

Water Management Systems

The SW Range consists of the SW2 and SW3 Water Management Systems. The environmentally-friendly SW Range Systems connect directly to the plant water line using it as its fluid and pressure source.

SWFF-TF Water Management System


Water Management System

The intelligent SWFF-TF System incorporates the patented Flow Fuse and Thermal Fuse products.  The Flow Fuse is designed to restrict barrier fluid contamination of the process on momentary or permanent seal failure.