Standard Plus

Advantages of Standard Plus Seals

Our standard Plus seals are ideal for applications that need all the benefits of a standard seal, plus a little bit extra. This covers competitor replacement seals, seals designed for specific pumps and seals designed for pumping certain processes. 


Pulp & Paper Screen Application Seal


Pulp & Paper Screen Application Seal

This seal employs standard, modular, inventoried AESSEAL­­® components, with a seal gland, which retains fluid when the screen is emptied. This avoids dry running of the tungsten carbide seal faces on equipment start-up.

Inflatable Shut off Seal


Inflatable Shut off Seal

The ISOS™ (inflatable shut-off seal) is fitted between the pump and and radially-divided seal, to form a separate seal when required, allowing the quick and easy removal of the mechanical seal.  

non-metallic process pump seal


L-Series Seal

The LSEAL™ is designed to suit the Flowserve Polychem 'L' Series, Group I and Group II non-metallic process pumps.

Progressive Cavity Pump Seal


Progressive Cavity Pump Seals

The AESSEAL Progressing Cavity Pump mechanical seal (PCPS™) has been developed to incorporate proven modular designs from our highly-acclaimed range of single and double mechanical seals.

Single Spring Catridge Seal


Single Spring Catridge Seal

The TPOC™ seal range is specifically designed for applications which benefit from the use of unbalanced seal face technology.

Ultra heavy duty double cartridge seal


Ultra heavy duty double cartridge seal

The UHDDS™ – is a double cartridge seal particularly applicable for medium to heavy duty slurry sealing applications.